04 November 2004

in summer of 2005, the cheerleaders are having a conference in chicago. i propose we go to the suburbs, and cheer some old favorites, such as "pervert," "big judy down south," "sex positive," "brr it's cold in here," "masturbate dont detonate""just cant get a muff" and go to some of the surrounding jesus states and cheer, have queer makeout blocs and of course a naked bloc! (naked blocs are not actually not naked, but stripped down to yr panties) we need to teach thoes "christians" that hate is not a family value.

hey we are the cheerleaders, you know what we got?
what do we got?
we've got a message that's hotter than hot!
how hot is hot?
we're bi and gay and possibly straight!
uh-huh, uh-huh!
fuck george bush and his "compassionate" christian hate!

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