28 November 2004

thesis & what's outside my little nyc apt

i have been steadily working on my thesis. after work on wed i worked on it; then my sister came here. thanksgiving was on thursday, and friday i worked on it for a while while trev did paperwork. luckily he left yesterday afternoon b/c i wasn't getting enough done with him here, altho it was great to have him around, and i spent my saturday night working on it. i woke up this morning, highlighted in articles as i sat in bed, listening to the rain thunder in my street. i feel more focused, b/c i am almost somewhat done with my first draft. i'm going to spend some quality time at one of my favorite cafes, editing and drinking lots of yummy tea. that's how i placate myself when doing tons of writing or studying or writing papers--by drinking lots of vitamin water, tea, eating snacks. right now i'm trying to get a book, poor people and library services, and figuring out where else i can get info on street libraries.

btw in case you were wondering, i will prob put the interesting parts on my blog in sections after it's done. this is a horrible process. once i'm done with this, i'm going to head to the pencil factory and get myself something strong and relax. till then, my thoughts are filled with alternative libraries.

my computer is SLOW today!

it really is nice to not know what is happening in the world. i know that sounds totally ignorant but it is really overwhelming to have to follow every fucked up thing dubya is doing and how hated we are in the world. i'll start reading the news eventually, but for now, it's alternative libraries all the way.

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