15 November 2004

a.m. rant
asthma sucks. i'm coughing like crazy. i hate all these smokers smoking in front of you. i want to say, "hey don't smoke right now to me, i have asthma and i can't breathe anyway." my personal favorite: those fools who smoke at the side of a track. i remember coughing during the 800 at one of the red tracks on LI b/c some guy had to smoke a cigar right next to my lane. grrrr. i think i was starting California Style or something.

the beauty of winter
anyway it's cold at my job and i'm realizing it's winter and i'm kinda liking the fact that we are all in this together...like all the cute hipster girls with their pink pompom hats slung low over their ears and the too-cool men in just a leather jacket (a warmer option than what they had on a week earlier) and mothers with too many kids and missing mittens...and the smell of hot apple cider through the farmer's market and soon we'll smell evergreen--damnit, i'm going to get an evergreen wreath this year so my bedroom will smell delicious...and with the first snows, how clean and beautiful nyc looks and i love how it sparkles...and when you're kissing the one you love and it's snowing and your mouths are so hot and you create your own pocket of warmth within the freezing city you call home...and when you're baking cookies with your mother and fighting with your sister and she pushes you down in the snow, keeps pushing you down, and really, if you weren't laughing hysterically you could probably stand up...and then it's january and then february and for kicks you go with your friend to a singles bar and he says to you "everyone here is leftovers" and he feels terrible so you take him out for a drink and he starts crying at the bar so you leave and you hold his hand,not knowing what to say, as your cell phone rings and it's your love but you don't answer it because that would be mean. and then your friend throws a snowball at a stop sign, and you remember your friend who is looking to be fixed up, and say, "wait, i know what will make you better."

and suddenly you're wearing a bikini on the beach, but hello, it's spring break.

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